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Agile Project Management Certification Australia

ITSM Hub provides Agile training and certification via virtual classrooms. Our course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the framework’s project management and software development approach.

With five courses covering different framework aspects, students will leave the course equipped with the knowledge to implement this framework into their organisation’s projects and software development. Each course runs over varying time periods and contains examinations to acquire certification.

Agile Scrum Essentials Course

This course is designed to equip students with the basic knowledge required to become a scrum master – the person in charge of ensuring an efficient scrum process takes place under the Agile framework. This course focuses on the fundamental elements that pertain to both Agile and Scrum.

With organisations across the world experiencing the benefits of adopting these practices, it’s important that each team has a person who can help facilitate achievable outcomes. This program is designed to gain an optimal understanding of what Scrum is and how to apply it in a workplace.

Agile Scrum Master Course

This course is designed especially to create scrum masters. Over a two-day period, students will learn the essentials of implementing best practices and the skills that surpass that of a typical team leader.

Through a unique training program that includes case studies, storytelling and practical challenges, students will leave the program with the skills and knowledge required to handle this challenging role.

Certified Agile Course Management

PMI Agile certification is required for organisations wanting to implement the practice and this course is a great place to start. It provides a basic understanding of Agile Service Management, the framework’s application and integration of framework thought processes that help businesses reap outstanding benefits.

This scaled Agile framework certification course is the best place to start your company’s framework journey – students will leave the course ready to enhance their IT system’s efficiency, as well as continue delivering value through challenging outcomes.

Agile Project Management Certification

Agile PM certification is designed to teach students to lay the groundwork for successful projects utilising the framework. What’s more, students will gain an understanding of managing a project from its foundation all the way through to its completion.

Students will receive Agile testing certification and a knowledge on how to adapt to project management challenges whilst maintaining rigour and high standards.

Agile Project Management Practitioner

ITSM Hub provides Agile PM training designed to equip students with the knowledge and skill set to deliver projects in organisations that require high standards, efficiency and vigour to achieve great outcomes.

Students will leave the course with the knowledge to apply the framework to their organisation’s scenarios, as well as identify different techniques required to be used in specific scenarios.

To find out more about our training programs, feel free to get in contact with ITSM Hub and we will reply with all the information you require.

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