DevOps is a movement that aims to blur the lines between the existing IT siloes to create a more collaborative relationship between Dev and Ops allowing organisations to create greater business value with more streamlined processes, faster deployments, and more successful releases.

ITSM Hub provide DevOps Certification courses from Professional Designations that provide an all-encompassing look at the DevOps framework and role-based certification courses, specific to the roles within DevOps. Join one of our publicly scheduled courses or book a date for your team by requesting a quote today.

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DevOps Certification for IT Teams across Australia

ITSM Hub provides DevOps training for IT teams looking to understand and apply the practice to their processes. This set of practices is designed to ensure IT teams can streamline their development processes, with automation and integration a key feature of the practices.

The set of practices was designed as a way of combining both development and operation teams, with consistent collaboration and continued improvement being key features of the practices’ lifecycle.

ITSM Hub DevOps courses aim to cover the entire set of practices, so that IT teams and individuals can have a profound understanding and apply them to their workplace. We provide training in all major Australian cities, with courses ranging from basic overviews to becoming an Agile Service Manager.

Our DevOps training course structures

ITSM Hub provides five separate courses that apply to beginners through to IT teams and individuals looking to gain a fine understanding of the practices.

Courses include:

  • Overview: This course provides an introduction to the practices as well its key principles. It is recommended for IT professionals who are new to the practices and looking to gain a basic understanding of its features.
  • Foundation & Examination: The foundation class provides a core understanding of the practices as well as ensuring IT teams are on the same wavelength discussing the practices.
  • Essentials & Examination: This class teaches IT teams and individuals of the “full stack” approach to the set of practices, including changing culture, improving practices and processes, as well as leveraging automation technologies.
  • Leadership & Examination: This class follows on from the “essentials” course, and seeks to teach IT professionals an understanding of how to create a successful DevOps transformation.
  • Certified Agile Service Manager & Examination: This class acts as an introduction to Agile Service Management, the application and integration of agile principles into service management processes and process design projects.

Our approach to DevOps training

ITSM Hub provides a comprehensive approach to training, whether it be online or at one of our training centres. Our skilled and experienced trainers aim to equip each and every attendee with the knowledge to apply this set of practices to their own workplace, with certification being the outcome of a successful examination.

To find out more about our training, please submit an enquiry form via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you require.


What is DevOps?

The DevOps revolution has brought about new practices in the Application Development and Systems Operations areas that can help your organisation deliver IT services better, faster and cheaper

The training was well organised and the structure made sure that the complete syllabus was covered nicely in two days. The instructors method of explaining the concepts in story format including industry relevant examples made learning very easy, interactive and helpful.

Kapil K.

Satisfied Customer

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