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What is the difference between Agile & Scrum?

Agile methodology was developed to provide several advantages over the waterfall model. These included feature production in short delivery cycles and this made it quickly regarded for optimising customer satisfaction. Agile methodology is based upon the development and release of first-class project management software.


Agile philosophy was quick to become a sought-after methodology and has since become hugely popular amongst software development agencies. This being said, many people entering software development, or those who are uninitiated with Agile, don’t quite know the difference between Agile and Scrum.


Here we discuss the differences between the two methodologies.


What is Agile methodology?


Agile is a relatively new philosophy for software development processes and their management. It is based upon 12 principles that constitute the Agile Manifesto. These principles can be summarised in four values that include:


  1. Valuing people over processes – engaging in communication with staff as they drive development processes and not the technology itself.
  2. Streamlining documentation processes so that developers can have what they need without being caught by test plans, interface design documents, approvals etc.
  3. Engage customers in the development process so that their needs are more fully met.
  4. Being versatile and able to respond to process changes as opposed to following a strict plan of action. 


Scrum within the Agile framework


Scrum is essentially a subcategory of Agile, as it is a set of rules or guidelines developed to help implement Agile in software development. This being said, both Scrum and Agile place a great emphasis on the need to deliver software quickly and consistently to keep up with changing demands.


Agile is essentially the parent term for frameworks like Scrum as well as Extreme Programming, Kanban and Crystal. This is where it becomes somewhat incorrect to compare agile to scrum, as scrum is an Agile iteration that takes on the importance of delivering the best value in the shortest time frame.


Put simply, Scrum is a way of implementing Agile using what the methodology refers to as “sprints” – small building blocks that allow a project to be completed in efficient increments. Scrum relies on software that delegates roles and responsibilities as well as creating meetings.


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