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What does an IT business relationship manager do?

It is an IT business relationship manager’s role to surpass providing services and move into a results-driven field. We have compiled a list of duties that an IT business relationship manager undertakes to ensure they are helping deliver best results for their organisation.


It is an IT business relationship manager responsibility to do the following:

Train business leaders and help them articulate their role’s requirements and needs that will enhance business performance.

Work with enterprise architecture to create and maintain multi-year business capability strategies.

Work with business transformation teams to ensure efficient business transformation on all projects.

Work with the project/program/portfolio management organisation to create an effective/well-managed initiative portfolio.

Work alongside business leadership to plan new joint initiatives, analyse proposals and determine whether or not they fit into business capability strategies and priorities.

Identify business function opportunities and the most suitable position for the function’s adoption within the partner company. Measure adoption and collaborate with the business leadership team to develop further strategies and opportunities.

Identify and integrate business partners’ long-term objectives into business capability strategies and priorities where necessary. Brief company stakeholders on business partner plans/objectives.

Focus on company value rather than solutions to developing new ideas, including risk assessments, business continuity, business capability requirements and digital awareness.

Build and maintain the relationship team to ensure strategic partnering and convergence with the business partner team, including working alongside the CxO leadership as executive sponsors for each business partner.

Advocate for focus and awareness on business partner strategic plans.

Correlate business priorities and value to planning activities and goal-setting.

Ensure that program/project managers of business partner projects are aware of the business partner and their goals/ engage as a program/project stakeholder, including analysing project efforts and progress against joint strategic objectives and plans. 

Be innovative in regards to your awareness and knowledge of industry trends and advancements in digital technology as they are important for identifying new opportunities.

Analyse joint initiatives as they relate to business strategy to ensure opportunities for measurable success as well as convergence.

Own the business relationship manager’s project/program budget and functional operating, as well as perform accurate forecasting and budgeting across projects and operations.

We provide business relationship manager training

ITSM Hub provides training for becoming a business relationship manager. Our highly skilled and experienced trainers can help you grasp the above-listed duties and responsibilities and how you can implement them at your workplace.

To discuss receiving ITSM Hub business relationship manager training, please feel free to get in contact with our friendly team. We are committed to providing an exceptional service standard, and will be happy to discuss our training program and how it can benefit your career and organisation as a whole.

Call us on 1300 424 025 or submit an enquiry form via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you require.

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