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Smart Kits - Online Template Kits

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Smart Kits:

Smart Kits


No need to reinvent the wheel! We’ve done the work for you.

Smart Kits are Pink Elephant’s approach to sharing expert guidance. Each Smart Kit contains valuable resources to start, improve, or optimise your IT and business projects and are designed to provide you with process-specific guidance.

A Smart Kit is a customised online resource – a “consultant in a box” that contains guidance for a specific process or subject area. There are several Smart Kits to choose from and the exact guidance included varies from Smart Kit to Smart Kit depending on the subject, but generally speaking each one includes:

  • Strategic, tactical, and operational plans
  • Implementation roadmaps
  • Templates, process flows, and critical path templates
  • How-to checklists
  • Research papers, articles, books, videos, and podcasts
  • Example PowerPoint presentations and performance reports
  • Questionnaires and self-assessment tools
  • ...and more!

Is your focus on implementing problem management? You can get a Smart Kit that will give you guidance on how to do that.

Is your focus on implementing a service catalog? You can get a Smart Kit that concentrates only on that, too!

3-Month Subscription

When purchased, you are given access to all the online how-to documents in your Smart Kit for three months, for one user. Near the end of your subscription, there is an opportunity to renew. You will receive a reminder notice from our customer service centre

Benefits of our Smart Kits

  • Easy to Access; Easy to Use – Your how-to documents are just a click away.
  • Start Using It Right Away – There are numerous pre-populated templates to fast-track the start of your project.
  • Get Regular Updates – We continuously add to and update available resources.
  • 24/7 Access from Anywhere – No matter where you’re located, all that is required is an internet connection.

Available Smart Kits

Getting Started with ITSM

Learn how to ‘eat the elephant one bite at a time’! Implementing best practices can be a daunting task. You need to get it right from the beginning. This kit helps you determine where to start and how to adopt a fit-for-purpose approach.

Prepare for Organisational Change

Many companies forget to address the people side of change and hear a loud collective groan every time a ‘change’ is introduced. Organisational Change Management is required to effectively support a transformation within your organisation. This kit provides direction for how to successfully adopt new business processes.

Kick start your ITAM Process

If financial tracking and compliance with licensing for hardware and software assets is keeping you up at night, no need to continue losing sleep! This kit provides the key building blocks needed to accelerate your design or improve your IT Asset Management (ITAM) process.

Embedding a CSI Practice 

As a critical part of the overall Service Lifecycle, ensuring that service, process and IT organisational improvements are defined and monitored is imperative. This kit provides you the right steps, activities and tools to build your Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process.

Supplier Management Implementation

Without proper integration of suppliers’ services, commitments can be missed resulting in poor customer service. This kit enables you to rapidly define and implement an effective Supplier Management process based on best practices.

Service Quality Improvement

The ability to efficiently recover from a service disruption, or pro-actively plan a more stable environment, helps boost customer satisfaction levels. This kit ensures you have appropriate capabilities with Incident and Problem Management and the proper monitoring controls through Event Management.

Establishing a Service Catalog & SLA's

Defining and managing services is vital to a Service Management implementation. This kit provides the tools, direction and approach to effectively manage services and Service Level Agreements (SLA) using Service Portfolio Management, Service Level Management and Service Catalog Management best practices.

Optimise your Service Desk Performance

The Service Desk needs to show that it's a strategic service delivering value to the business, and continuously improving results and outcomes will drive enhanced customer perceptions. This Smart Kit includes the key building blocks needed to optimise your Service Desk function and the supporting processes of Incident Management and Request Fulfillment. 

How to plan and protect your services

Design standards are critical for successfully delivering services to your customers. The Service Design processes of Availability Management, Capacity Management, Information Security and IT Service Continuity Management play a significant part in helping organisations ensure effective policies and activities are in place. This Smart Kit provides essential process and project templates and recommended practices to support your efforts. 

Demand & Financial Management Process Essentials

For maturing IT organisations, alignment with the business is essential including the ability to discuss and defend IT budgetary issues and decisions regarding IT services. To support this activity, it must be understood that effective Financial Management is a critical capability as it ensures proper methods are used for accounting, budgeting and determining charges for IT services. Without this capability, IT is at risk of being underfunded for the delivery of critical services. Another key strategic competency for IT organisations to excel at is Demand Management. Understanding business demand for services is a critical competency for effectively planning the allocation of resources across IT. This Smart Kit enables you to accelerate your deployment or improvement of Demand and Financial Management processes and includes guidance in the form of process templates, project templates and audio files. 

How to establish Business Relationship Management

Business Relationship Management (BRM) is a critical success factor in today's IT Service Management world. This Smart Kit provides key resources to establish a BRM project, leveraging key project management templates and enabling rapid process design using Pink Elephant's BRM process templates. 

Mastering the Problem Management Process

Give me a solution NOT just a problem! Sound familiar? Problem Management continues to be an under-utilised process for organisations seeking to mitigate business impact and create higher value through the delivery of services. Recognising that establishing a Problem Management process requires some heavy lifting; this Smart Kit is a key accelerator for establishing and implementing a healthy, structured Problem Management process. THE solution to your problems with Problem Management! This Smart kit includes key project and process templates for initiating a Problem Management process. In addition to these templates, resources include guidance on assessing current state, key integrations with other processes, and tool requirements to support the process. With this Smart Kit, own your problems, not the other way around! 

How to establish a Knowledge Management

Managing knowledge is about ensuring the right information is available for the right person at the right time. This enables informed decision making at all levels of IT from the Service Desk through to IT leadership. To capitalise on effective information sharing, establishing a Knowledge Management practice should be a key activity for IT organisations. The contents of this Smart Kit provides a starting point for establishing a Knowledge Management practice and includes both project and process design templates along with supporting guidance on Knowledge Centre Support skills and roles.

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An amazing instructor who explained the content very clearly and at a very good pace. This was a good balance and approach to learning in a three day intensive period. I found the worked examples very practical and very relatable to the Defence industry sector I work in.

Mary W.

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