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SIAM Maturity Assessments

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is an approach for governing and managing the complexity of outsourced multi-vendor service environments.  Building upon existing IT service management best practices, SIAM provides guidance on the capabilities and methods for optimising the complex value streams inherent in multi-vendor outsourcing.

ITSM Hub have been working with multiple organisations over the past 5 years to help them understand, establish, refine, and extend use of service integration best practices under multi-source service provision arrangements.

Along the way we have developed some useful tools and techniques, including standardised methods and approaches for onboarding new providers/services and customers.  Our SIAM-related services cover:

  • Baselining of service management practices across either single or multiple service provider organisations
  • Advice and assistance in developing SIAM tender documents
  • Advice and assistance in responding to SIAM tenders
  • Process design and redesign for the new reality of a multi-source environment
  • Measurement framework development
  • New Service Provider and new service onboarding advisory and assistance
  • SIAM Governance coaching and guidance for customer organisations
  • Service Integrator coaching and guidance for service integrators
  • Learn and certify in SIAM. We offer the SIAM Certification training, view our SIAM courses here. (click through to SIAM Courses)

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