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Operational Reviews

This offering is the answer to organisations struggling with the issue of “I know something’s not quite right, but I don’t know what or why…”

How it Works

  • We work with you to identify the problem statement:  It could be something like one of the following:
    • “The quality of our new projects is declining and is affecting our ability to support our services.”
    • “Service reliability is in decline, but we don’t know why”
    • “We just can’t get our teams to follow the processes consistently”.
    • “Despite rigorously keeping records for everything we do, the quality of our management information is very poor.”
    • “I have no idea what the business wants us to do next”
  • We confirm the size and scope of the problem and any constraining factors for the engagement (such as lack of data, multiple data sources, staff decentralisation, critical business periods)
  • We identify the critical deliverables
  • We propose an approach for the engagement, based upon your resource availability, critical timelines, and specific drivers
  • Subject to acceptance, we confirm the best resources for the engagement and seek agreement to the finalised approach and resource model, based upon your latest information
  • The engagement proceeds according to the agreed scope and specification.

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