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ITSM Coaching and Mentoring

ITSM Hub have a range of ITSM experts who can be on-hand to engage with you and your team in any area of ITSM that requires service improvement.

By holding regular project meetings and running custom workshops, our consultants will coach and mentor your company’s Process Owners/Managers, as well as the entire Service Management team, providing guidance, support and advice along the way.

What Does the Coaching and Mentoring Service Involve?

Following a brief ‘Discovery’ exercise, each participant will be assigned tasks to be completed in advance of the consultant’s next scheduled visit. Where required, our consultant will provide supporting templates and documentation as part of the service.

  • Provide guidance on Best Practice for processes.
  • Provide Process Owner clinics as required.
  • Facilitate process owner group workshops.
  • Attend project board and provide advice to project board members.
  • Assist with Quality Assurance for developed processes.

The duration and approach of this service depends you, your team and organisation specific needs, which will be agreed upon before the service commences.

Speak with an expert now to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

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