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ITIL Maturity Assessments

PinkScan is the only independent and objective assessment service of its kind and it can analyse the maturity of any number of your ITSM Processes!

Do you need to measure the maturity levels of your Service Management processes…?
PinkScan is the assessment services that shows you just how effective your ITSM processes are in your organisation.

ITSM Hub perform IT Service Management (ITSM) process maturity assessments using PinkSCAN – an ITSM process assessment methodology and online toolset created by our partners Pink Elephant. This consulting service is a proven approach to establishing a baseline process maturity assessment for your organisation.

We have helped hundreds of organisations understand the basic principle of IT process improvement:

  • What is not defined cannot be controlled
  • What is not controlled cannot be stabilised
  • What is not stabilised cannot be measured
  • What is not measured cannot be improved

ITSM Hub offer two options for delivery; consultant-led which can be onsite or virtual or our self-led online assessment subscription which is available for 12 months. A hybrid of the two options can also work well some.

Assessment approach

The consultant-led assessment will interview a range of IT management, IT practitioner staff, and customer representatives for the in-scope process/practice. Based upon these responses, additional questions may be asked, or additional people interviewed to gain a more detailed and/or accurate picture of the current level of process maturity. Documentation is also examined to assess consistency and alignment with reported practices.

Analysis of the interview responses and documentation allows the consultant to identify areas of good practice, less than good practice, and particular contributing elements (e.g. staff skills or tools adequacy) that may be limiting the effectiveness of the processes in question.

Scoring is undertaken against the CMMi capability maturity model as defined by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute. This ensures that future assessments may reasonably be compared to current assessment process maturity scores. Upon completion of the assessment you will receive a consolidated report detailing conclusions and recommendations for each process within scope, as well as overall conclusions, quick-wins and recommendations for improvement.

Based on 6 processes the expected length of engagement is 15 billable days. Download an example summary report to gain more insight into the value of our consultant-led assessments.

Self-Led Online
Assessment approach

PinkSCAN Online provides organisations with the ability to perform their own internal process maturity assessments which are flexible and cost-effective. The online subscription provides 12 months access to the maturity assessment tool to conduct any number of assessments during the subscription period. This service offering is attractive for organisations where:
  • there is already a body of in-house expertise in conducting assessments
  • some flexibility is desired in the conduct and timing of assessments; or
  • multiple assessments and reassessments are planned to take place within a 12-month period
ITSM Hub have subject-matter expert consultants who can assist you in preparing for and analysing results from the PinkSCAN online maturity assessment. The following assessments are included in an online PinkSCAN:
Assess Management IT Service Continuity Management
Availability Management Knowledge Management
Business Relationship Management Problem Management
Capacity Management Release Management
Change Management Request Fulfillment
Continual Service Improvement Service Asset & Configuration Management
Demand Management Service Catalog Management
Event Management Service Level Management
Financial Management Service Portfolio Management
Incident Management Service Validation & Testing
Information Security Management Supplier Management
IT Asset Management
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